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ARDETECH partners with industry leaders to provide our customers with the solutions needed to ensure the success of your Business and User’s requirements weather Desktop Virtualization or Workspace Collaboration. We will work with your business units to assess your current environment to provide you with the information and recommendations around your business needs. Then design the solution required to support your business success. ARDETECH specialists are committed to helping you understand your options and choose the best solution for your company.

Application Delivery

An Application Delivery Platform is a suite of technologies that handles application services like load balancing, security controls and traffic management in data centers and cloud environments. The application services platform's role is to deliver applications reliably and securely to end users.

Although businesses are rapidly shifting their application portfolios to the cloud, most also remain heavily dependent legacy or on-premises application. Modernizing and cloud-enabling these older applications can be a difficult task. Discovering all the applications in use within the business and correlating their dependencies is a time-consuming process.


End-user Computing

In the digital age, the term, “Workspaces” is no longer just a physical office space where employees work. Today, many organizations are challenged with enabling employees to work productively from anywhere. Today's technologies enable employees and organizations to connect and share knowledge beyond a physical framework through unprecedented modes of communication. By taking a holistic approach to deploying, securing and managing applications and devices, organizations can simplify IT's job, but positively impact employee productivity, strengthen security and support long-term company growth.


Unified Communication & Collaboration

A true collaborative environment demands real-time access anywhere, anytime and on any device. Those resources are increasingly distributed as organizations become more decentralized. Unified Communications solutions are infrastructure-aware to support a quality experience across multiple technologies. Some of the technologies allow people to work together in geographically separate environments, Voice communications, design sessions, and share resources live with each other in real time.