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Serving the BEST Ahead of Their Needs!

About Ardetech

Technology Distributor | Value-Added Reseller

ARDETECH founded in 1996 with the motto:


This slogan typifies our Texas enthusiasm for our customers.


Our customers are comprised of some outstanding IT professionals, serving lots of extraordinary enterprises. They are the best at what they do and we love rising to their challenge to provide the best, innovative, and complete solutions at the competitive prices they demand.


Our Commitment

At ARDETECH your reputation is as important to us as our own (and that’s saying something!) We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and steadfast reliability. This isn’t just about efficient order fulfillment, although that is certainly one of our numerous strengths. Many of our customers consider us more than their supplier. They demand knowledge, value and partnership. We’re happy to get involved at any stage of their project whether it is the earliest planning stage – ahead of their needs – or whether they demand a last minute miracle (we’ve pulled off plenty of those!)

One thing you won’t find at ARDETECH is a marketing department. We don’t need one. Since 1996 our business has expanded to supporting over 300 IT departments, many of them in Fortune 500 companies. We stock products from over 50 best-of-breed, brand-name manufacturers. All of this growth came from word of mouth, through customers who recognize that we work hard, and smart.

Our Mission

ARDETECH knows the challenges you face every day.
Our mission is to help you achieve your objectives and to that end we promise:

  • Quality Products
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Competitive Prices
  • On-time Delivery
  • Excellent Service
  • Unwavering Enthusiasm

The way we look at it, when our customers are successful, we are successful.