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Serving the BEST Ahead of Their Needs!


Providing the Products to Support your IT Success

Commitment to Your Success!

ARDETECH provides distribution solutions for your IT needs. We work with quality suppliers to fulfill our customer’s needs. ARDETECH can ensure your success with 100% of the items needed to complete your IT needs.

Simple Distribution

ARDETECH stocks and distributes products made by best in class manufactures. We do not assign our own part numbers to products. To benefit our Customers, we stock and sell products by the manufacture’s part number. This insures the same designated manufacturer part to every location and never an “equal too”. Our customers know what they need, and an equal too is not acceptable for them.

Managed Distribution

Although ARDETECH provides Simple Distribution, some customers may need a managed distribution model. In this model ARDETECH would manage sources for the Customer and source products from manufactures or other distributers according to the customers requirements. These can be shipped individually or palletized according to our customers needs.


Our typical customers have multiple locations weather they are local or global needing several components to complete a standard installation / Deployment. Products are sent to a location identified by area of installation or designation, facility examples of these areas are: Cell Towers, MDF, IDF, network closets, remote parking lots, computer rooms, packaged and labeled with the area designation.