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Solutions to Organize your IT Environments

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There are many things that go into the Management of IT Facilities. ARDETECH can provide you with all your IT infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Management

Datacenters are required to be very organized. To achieve this there are several aspects that need to be managed. Cabinets for servers and other equipment, Racks for switching and patch panels, Cable Ladders for consistent cable management, and several other solutions. ARDETECH stocks and distributes best in class manufactures to ensure a consistent and supported solution according to our customer’s needs.


Data Transport

In today’s Data facilities there are numerous ways to provide access to data. ARDETECH provides or can source your connectivity needs. Whether they are as simple as a CAT6 patch cable, or a complete data transport solution that may include fiber trunks, media converters, custom cables, and assemblies. Let ARDETECH assist you in your data transport needs.


Power & Cooling

ARDETECH can provide your power and cooling needs. Weather it is as simple as a power strip at a desktop or a portable cooler in an IDF to. Some customers may just need a PDU in a cabinet or PDUs and cooling systems for their datacenter. We can also provide POE solutions for your buildings to move your building to a greener environment. ARDETECH can provide you with your power and cooling requirements.