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Services to Ensure you Receive Products you Need

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ARDETECH provides a wide range of Infrastructure services.

Whether you need a custom cable or complete custom Solution.

We can provide your needs.

Custom Solutions

In addition to network hardware our IT partners need many different computer components when upgrading a facility. These components can be assembled into Kits for ease of installation. A kit can consist of all necessary components required but not limited to color-coded patch cords, fiber cords, PDUs - power strips, horizontal & vertical cable management, GBIC, Velcro, color coded power cords, etc.

Resource Management

ARDETECH manages project resources by working with our partners, vendors, our customer’s preferred installers, and most importantly our customer. This allows for a more consistent delivery of services and product. Let ARDETECH handle the packaging and delivering of resources so that your project can seamlessly go from just an idea, to development, to full scale deployment and finish out of your next data and infrastructure needs!